Kissing Atticus Primble

"Like any other girl her age Kathleen was ready for the excitement of a first love. But she wasn’t ready for Atticus. He had been her best friend for as long as she could remember. Yet the subtle change in their relationship as they started high school caught her off guard.

Turns out, the switch from best friend to boyfriend was so natural, and being with Atticus was so wonderful, Kathleen didn’t even think about the challenges dating “someone like Atticus” presented, though she was aware her girlfriends didn’t quite “get it”.

When Bobby O’Hara, the most popular boy in school sets his sights on Kathleen, she is torn between her love for and loyalty to Atticus, and the excitement, popularity, and ease of being Bobby’s girlfriend. She needs to make a decision. But will the secret her mom never shares with Kathleen cause her to make the wrong one -- and change her life forever?"



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